Jigging Winter Striped Bass with Blade Baits

24 Dhj 2019
106 718 Shikime

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Fishing for winter striped bass using spoons and blade baits to jig off the bottom and using vertical and stair step techniques. The water is in the low 50's, clear and most of the bait is in 30-40 feet of water.
10K Fish Blade Bait
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Justin Rackley, known as Lakeforkguy in the fishing world, creates fishing and outdoor videos on youtube and other social platforms. LFG provides fishing tips and techniques for mostly largemouth bass fisheries but also travels to other freshwater and saltwater fishing spots to explore new fish species and fishing techniques to help you catch more fish. Lakeforkguy likes to hang out on any fishing vessel or go bank fishing with his other ALworld Fishing friends and vlog with his Wife Stephanie AKA Ocean Spoon Girl and french bulldog Winston.

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  • Today I went out and used it for the first time and caught 2 smallys in shallow water. Like 3 ft of water. 2 in 5 minutes then after that they didn’t wanna bite

    UNK ChiefUNK Chief4 muaj më parë
  • Anyone know the Jigging Spoons LFG is using in the vid?

    Nate SwanNate Swan7 muaj më parë
  • Do a video on how to set the helix up for video game fishing

    FishinWithMikeeFishinWithMikee7 muaj më parë
  • Strippers eat great

    Mitchell RothleutnerMitchell Rothleutner8 muaj më parë
  • Love your white bass videos! You should really make more

    Touger VangTouger Vang9 muaj më parë
  • Spoon for them cats check out tactical bassin

    Devin DobsonDevin Dobson9 muaj më parë
  • If this is lake Texoma it was tough for me my last time out there

    TXANGLINGTXANGLING10 muaj më parë
  • oops 69 lbs my bad

    Garret PartridgeGarret Partridge10 muaj më parë
  • catch an 80 lb striper in the ocean

    Garret PartridgeGarret Partridge10 muaj më parë
  • Happy and Best New Year to all !!! Caught the only bass, 5 lb largemouth at the marina. After I was given a choice my truck literally giving up its last breath or try to make it home. I chose fishing. Made it to the boat ramp, fished caught nothing. I caught my fish at the boat ramp fishing from the bank. waiting on the tow truck. My Jesus still smiled on me anyway.

    David CarrollDavid Carroll10 muaj më parë
  • Hey, went fishing on a small creek around here Christmas Day and New Years Day and caught several Smallies 16-17 inches and a few Northern Pike……and I live in Wisconsin! Open water this time of year.. gotta love it.

    Truk STruk S10 muaj më parë
  • LakeFork, you kick as man. Great vids, inspiring!!

    Spit JoOxSpit JoOx11 muaj më parë
  • What lake is this

    jon garrigusjon garrigus11 muaj më parë
  • Do a stripper catch and cook

    Ethan HollisEthan Hollis11 muaj më parë
  • And i love your channel keep up the great work man

    matthew bennettmatthew bennett11 muaj më parë
  • What lake’s do you frequently fish

    matthew bennettmatthew bennett11 muaj më parë
  • Those missed "bites" by the striper are its tail smacking the bait, just wait on it for them to smoke the bait again with their mouths and you should be golden.

    Nicholas AmaroNicholas Amaro11 muaj më parë
  • Man the colors on the fish are so pretty !!!

    Tausha BerryTausha Berry11 muaj më parë
  • Good video really knows what he's doing

    Cole MarshianCole Marshian11 muaj më parë
  • We miss you and the family! I hope you guys had a great Christmas!

    Christina GChristina G11 muaj më parë
  • Was watching Jon b. and 1 reel do their little challenge. Yeah, they were slaying the bass. But, they don't have the expertise of my boy "LFG". Watch one reel not retie. Dang googan. Lol

    Ben ParkhurstBen Parkhurst11 muaj më parë
  • you guys are really pushing for that white claw sponsor lmfao

    RaptusRaptus11 muaj më parë
  • Looks cold Out there man

    Lonnie PawlLonnie Pawl11 muaj më parë
  • Catch clean cook bass! strippers! Catfish!

    Tyler RandelTyler Randel11 muaj më parë
  • That's my favorite kind of rouge too, I caught one of my top biggest bass on one that color. Keep up the good work bud.

    Brent HumbersonBrent Humberson11 muaj më parë
  • Reminds me of the last time I caught a stripped bass with a spoon same color

    Ezekiel GarzaEzekiel Garza11 muaj më parë
  • That looks like Tower Bay launch.

    Nathan YergerNathan Yerger11 muaj më parë
  • You are the best

    Wesley PinnerWesley Pinner11 muaj më parë
  • I know it’s hard to video at night, but I think it would be cool to do some more nighttime fishing or right when it gets dark. Awesome video as always!!!

    Nick KalisekNick Kalisek11 muaj më parë
  • Amazing to see the post surgery recovery! Inspirational

    Ryan MaharajRyan Maharaj11 muaj më parë
  • That sticker is awesome! I am stationed at Peterson AFB in Colorado Springs which is the official new home the US Space Force.

    jeremy piercejeremy pierce11 muaj më parë
  • You should try out the lakes in Missouri

    Parker SisselParker Sissel11 muaj më parë
  • Anybody else see the prototype googan rod he was using

    Chase BergChase Berg11 muaj më parë
    • Notice what rods the guys are using while the G rods are being made?

      DCD 1972DCD 197211 muaj më parë
  • I dont really care for the googan baits...is that the only option for the mtb...happy holidays yall n god bless💞💖🎁🎄

    lespaul0009lespaul000911 muaj më parë
  • Which jacket is that ?

    Reagan WaltonReagan Walton11 muaj më parë

    Brad BushBrad Bush11 muaj më parë
  • Put a chatterbait lip on one of those bladebaits. You might look at me like im crazy but uhhhhh fish aint seen that ish

    Aquavert GreenWorksAquavert GreenWorks11 muaj më parë
  • How come i live 10 minutes from yall and i got none of the baits yall got in the mystery tacle box??? Im hopping i just got the november box on accident lol. Lots of crankbaits and soft plastics

    Aquavert GreenWorksAquavert GreenWorks11 muaj më parë

    Mystery Tackle BoxMystery Tackle Box11 muaj më parë
  • Loved the video as usual. Keep up the work.

    Ricky JordanRicky Jordan11 muaj më parë
  • Best jerky I ever ate was a friend of mine that made some out of backstrap, it wasn't tough like typical jerky though it was tender and moist and marinated with teriyaki & a hint of Bob's smoke, absolutely the best jerky I've ever eaten still to this day and I ate that when I was 18 I'm 46 now

    Rowdy BroomstickRowdy Broomstick11 muaj më parë
  • Do you ever try and crank those super deep ledges?

    Zach PallanteZach Pallante11 muaj më parë
  • Yes sir! I just got my MTB on the mail on the 23rd. Best box yet! And fishing stripped bass is amazing. They travel in massive schools. And they move a lot so chasing them is key. Love your vids, I also have stripper videos on my channel check it out sometime! Merry christmas and happy new year everyone!

    MBNOutdoors NBMBNOutdoors NB11 muaj më parë
  • Hey LFG Does everybody throw on RH reels, If you cast RH it would be easier to retrieve LH reels why switch hand just want to know why!

    stephen shampstephen shamp11 muaj më parë
  • Where were you at

    Landon ErlerLandon Erler11 muaj më parë
  • Who remembers 2 years ago he had his operation your doing amazing brooo keep it up

    Reaz.G1ll3yReaz.G1ll3y11 muaj më parë
  • Great content. As always, glad to see a variety of different species caught on your channel.

    Venture MonkeyVenture Monkey11 muaj më parë
  • I love the stripers!!! Merry Christmas to your family.

    Topwater MafiaTopwater Mafia11 muaj më parë
  • Sometimes in the winter the best technique is to dead stick a soft bait. Get more bites with the bait not moving. Tawakoni has some nice striper.

    Curtis MontgomeryCurtis Montgomery11 muaj më parë
  • What lake is this???

    jetminh78jetminh7811 muaj më parë
  • Merry Christmas! What brand gloves are you wearing in this vid..need some good gloves for this cold weather

    Bobby VannattaBobby Vannatta11 muaj më parë
  • I'd love to go get some stripers or even sandbass, just not very likely from the bank but would sure be good on the grill :-) Merry Christmas!

    Dirty Shoes AdventuresDirty Shoes Adventures11 muaj më parë
  • It's a wonder there's any other fish left. Don't they usually eat anything that fits in there mouth? They are fun to catch and eat. Great vids, keep on surviving!

    Michael CuffMichael Cuff11 muaj më parë
  • Merry Christmas 🎄

    Bass RaiderBass Raider11 muaj më parë
  • Yo you still looking for a truck? Saw you at my dealership Grapevine Ford. Didn’t get a chance to say what’s up. Let me know if you’re still needing a truck.

    Cody AustinCody Austin11 muaj më parë
  • So how big what that small mouth ? Lol

    Edel MendozaEdel Mendoza11 muaj më parë

    Randum dudeRandum dude11 muaj më parë
  • I love the Weather Channel app that I downloaded on my cellphone. I can put in whatever location I want, and it will tell me hour by hour, up to 24 hours into the future what the weather is going to do. Also, it has a live radar that will show you hours into the future. and it's always pretty much right on the money.

    Calvin H.Calvin H.11 muaj më parë
  • Ive only caught saltwater stripers.. they are a blast!

    Heather GibsonHeather Gibson11 muaj më parë
  • Lfg you should do a new crappie video because it’s alway fun searching for them Slab daddy’s.

    Danny crossDanny cross11 muaj më parë
  • What's up from California. You are my favorite Googan.

    Mike HensleyMike Hensley11 muaj më parë
  • diaper stripers

    Brendan KSBrendan KS11 muaj më parë
  • New member here to MTB, I have wanted it for a while. My wife got it for me for Christmas. Keep reeling them in bro!

    Brad KeckBrad Keck11 muaj më parë
  • Good video

    Tucker MaxxTucker Maxx11 muaj më parë
  • Merry Christmas LFG and Family

    Tex N7Tex N711 muaj më parë
  • What kind of gloves are those

    Anderson PotterAnderson Potter11 muaj më parë
  • Awesome can I suggest a video on you electronics settings like what sensitivity do you use on DI, SI

    Red River 6Red River 611 muaj më parë
  • Merry Christmas Justin. I wish you and Stephanie and Emmie a terrific new year. Looking forward to another year of great videos. God bless bud.

    Clint BradenClint Braden11 muaj më parë
  • Come get a paddlefish this season in missouri they get big fight hard and I know a secret spot wrre they stack up every year

    SparkaBlizzySparkaBlizzy11 muaj më parë
  • Merry Christmas

    Wildhog75 PlayStationWildhog75 PlayStation11 muaj më parë
  • Merry Christmas! I really appreciate your lessons!

    O ThackerO Thacker11 muaj më parë
  • This place is very beautiful has great fish, Congratulations your fishing was amazing. *MERRY CHRISTMAS!* Hug and good fishing!👍

    Suellen Gonçalves - Pesca EsportivaSuellen Gonçalves - Pesca Esportiva11 muaj më parë
  • Merry Christmas!

    Junior JacksonJunior Jackson11 muaj më parë
  • The footage in this is amazing. Glass reflection in the water 🤠

    Rigo HDZ100kRigo HDZ100k11 muaj më parë
  • Merry Christmas LFG and family from the Philippines

    Jody FlemingJody Fleming11 muaj më parë
  • You should come to Oklahoma if you want a real striper 20 to 30 pounds each at the kwystone dam

    3 stooges3 stooges11 muaj më parë
  • Strips are always a good time.

    BassGeekBassGeek11 muaj më parë
  • I would greatly appreciate the info I’ve been trying to get it just right for him and I’ve watched vids and asked other people but don’t ever get a response or see a good enough vid but your graph looked perfect and you could see everything including your bait lol that’s crazy

    Lumpiest of ColesLumpiest of Coles11 muaj më parë
  • Lakeforkguy can I ask what your settings are for your hummingbird I have the same one just not as big in my dads boat and I wanna have the perfect setting me for him. It’s crazy you can see your spoon and all that other stuff think you could help me out?

    Lumpiest of ColesLumpiest of Coles11 muaj më parë
  • man i wish i would of seen ya we got into the stripes that evening u were there i seen ur buddy on the yak before fishing that point soo i just missed ya let me know i can give ya some good tips on that lake

    Catchem MatchamCatchem Matcham11 muaj më parë
  • Merry Christmas to you and yours. I'm thinking about hitting the waters around Warrensburg, Missouri. It was 60 today. Tomorrow is Christmas and supposed to be 65

    Brian JohnsonBrian Johnson11 muaj më parë
  • I wish for you and your family a merry christmas. Thanks for all the entertainment this year.

    Car LoverCar Lover11 muaj më parë
  • Not sure how fresh water lake striper are but the saltwater ones seem to prefer jigging where you whip that rod ... 😬🤙🏼

    MIGES FishingMIGES Fishing11 muaj më parë
  • Merry Christmas LFG what kind of rods are you using in this video? They look badass! Lol

    brettbrett11 muaj më parë
    • Powell???

      brettbrett11 muaj më parë
  • Recently discovered your videos back in November and my passion for fishing went up been taking my boy he caught his first trout last month same with me. God bless

    Anthony HaltermanAnthony Halterman11 muaj më parë
  • The backlash always happens at the worst time. Lol.

    B LeeB Lee11 muaj më parë
  • when u backlashed rushing to cast cracked me up! i think we've all done that multiple times! awesome video keep it up!

    SilasaSilasa11 muaj më parë
  • Please go ice fishing more this year

    Daven MoralezDaven Moralez11 muaj më parë
  • Merry Christmas to you and your family. ... Enjoyed the video.

    Robert RamirezRobert Ramirez11 muaj më parë
  • Those catfish aren't eatn scraps those were your competition them stripers were s*** in their pants

    Settinghooks N crossingeyesSettinghooks N crossingeyes11 muaj më parë
  • Merry Christmas LFG/OSG and Emmie.

    RK Harm24RK Harm2411 muaj më parë
  • Merry Christmas or happy holidays to all

    Fishing With EddieFishing With Eddie11 muaj më parë
  • Merry Christmas. If you want to catch some big Stripers come to Beaver Lake in Northwest Arkansas 20+ lbs is common

    David MessersmithDavid Messersmith11 muaj më parë
  • when ever i catch a bass i give it a good lfg and a Houston.. i sniff it then i kiss it then i let it go !!

    kerry wardkerry ward11 muaj më parë
  • Thank you for another wonderful year of fishing and Merry Christmas to you and your family...

    HandiCap YajHandiCap Yaj11 muaj më parë
  • Lost my pb on my bday today...

    dsettleasciidsettleascii11 muaj më parë
  • lol just watching lunkerstv going out on the kyak

    Mathew GallimoreMathew Gallimore11 muaj më parë
  • I can't never get the mondo to work for the promo code

    Branden GrahamBranden Graham11 muaj më parë
  • Rain cold sleep or medical problems can not keep me from the Lake.... My 1st FLW Tournament I had a kidney stone went to the hospital got out drove made it there just in time to get on the boat Went Fishing .. Gotta love it.. Thank you for putting out all the wonderful Fishing baits.. Every new one that comes out .. I always have to find a way to get them.. Square bill banger..

    Branden GrahamBranden Graham11 muaj më parë
  • You should come to Milford lake in Kansas for some big blues

    Steven GortonSteven Gorton11 muaj më parë